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Toads on Roads – Avington Park – near Alresford

In Observations, Toads, Wildlife on February 10, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Just had a report of our first road casualty – one dead toad and one live one last Sunday – 6th February 2011

I have noticed something though – regarding the active map on the Froglife’s Website – None of the local Toad Patrols contact details appear on their map – anyone who wants to volunteer needs to go through Froglife’s offices. I am a toad patroller in Alresford and I do not hear of anyone from Froglife. However I wondered how the people on the ground feel about this. Some of the toad patrollers I know have been dedicating their time and effort to save thousands of toads

Surrey ARG – is one of ARG’s who have been organising toad patrols for the whole county – not a single contact from SARG appears on Froglife’s website. Surely it would make sense to put people in contact with the people organising things on the ground? Why does it now have to go through Froglife?

Readdressing the issue in Surrey – if anyone would like to help with toad patrols then:-

If you are interested with helping out at any of these toad-crossing sites; please contact Danial Winchester, SARG Amphibians Officer

I have to put it to the volunteers who spend many hours in the wet and cold collecting toads from roads Рyou see toads like damp conditions to cross roads, little wind and warm mild nights.  One of our toad crossings has become inactive as very few toads cross the road. Our other crossing is really magical when the moon is out shining across the water with a wall of sound coming from the shallows Рmainly from the frogs calling but also possibly from the calls of the toads which we tend not to hear Рwe often hear the release call but not the mating call

Now I have two young boys I am not going to be able to get out along the road as often as I can so – if anyone would like to help do contact me….

Toad crossing sign @ Avington Park

Toad crossing sign @ Avington Park