Jon Cranfield

a change in direction…

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2014 at 9:29 am

Over the past year or so I have taken up various activities and hobbies away from my main interest of herpetology. I learn Aikido, play five a side football, large distance walks for charity, started a Ukulele Band and a volunteer with the scouting movement.

I am going to expand this blog to include updates on the various activities I am now involved in.

There will be wildlife reports, latest on gigs with the Alresford Ukulele Jam, my progress in Aikido, and the latest scores from the Real Fat Dad’s Football club on every Thursday evening.

I will also be reporting on the latest in the saga of the local plan in New Alresford. I will try to minimise that to snippets of information rather than full on rants as the whole issue is really highly political.

My thoughts and position on the city council’s proposed policies, the exhibitions by the opposing community group and other updates will be posted here.

One of my main interests at the moment is the Alresford Ukulele Jam.

We have played two gigs so far one at the Alresford Scarecrow Festival on the 28th September and the second was at the Globe on the 16th October.

Last night we had a jam practice session at the Globe and went through our set list. Our next small gig is at the Lest we forget Remembrance Concert on the 8th November.

Let’s hope I can keep these posts light hearted and interesting from now on…


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