Jon Cranfield

Nevendon progress and sightings

In Adders, mitigation, Observations, Wildlife on April 29, 2012 at 8:40 am

News has come in from our nature reserve in Wickford, Essex.

The rain was most welcome over the last few weeks. The washland has flooded well over the footpath creating a large temporary wetland while at the same time preventing flooding of Wickford.

The first count of the newts was a cracking 95 out of the six newt ponds. The estimated population being possibly 900 to 1800.

All the pondlets or very small ponds have refilled and we are looking forward to the invertebrate surveys this summer especially these very temporary pools.

The reptiles are starting to show with grass snakes, slow-worms and lizards in small numbers. No adders have been spotted so far though. Trying not too worry too much about that this but it may well be a symptom of the result of translating such animals. We are will report further on this in due course.

The newt area has produced 4 grey partridge – a cock and three hens. Really pleasing that a BAP species seems to be doing well on this mitigation site.

Photos to follow soon

  1. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading about that.

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