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the South West Regional Meeting – ARG UK 10th December

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I am looking forward to the South West Regional meeting of the ARG UK. I am presenting a talk on ‘Making the Adder Count in the South West’ and I am taking a lunch time seminar on ‘Raising the profile of reptiles in the South West’ both are favourite subjects of mine.

As a consultant I do work within the planning system where reptiles get moved around from development sites. Pretty much people accept this practice as the norm in dealing with reptiles which ‘impact on development’ as some consultants would describe it.

In my 11 years of working in reptile mitigation I have come round to looking at the problem in a different way and taking decisions on how and when you should mitigate for a development or other land use change which will impact on the conservation status of reptiles.

I missed the South East Meeting of the ARG UK where the delegates voted overwhelmingly for more conservation action for our Adder. I gather the feeling was there was a need for better protection. I agree with this and will be taking this to the South West meeting for the participants to ponder when thinking about the problem of raising the profile of these animals which tend not to feature highly on many people’s agendas.

I hope the Make the Adder Count will help the South West ARGs monitor exisiting adder sites and help find new sites along with mapping out the most important features of a site so that this can then be fed into the management plan to avoid any damage and destruction to the overwintering or hibernation sites.

It is these sites which need protection, if there is an impact mitigation is required – avoidance, modification of work methods and timing and if this cannot be done compensation is required.

How do you deal with an issue of reptiles when people only think about the individual animals?

More to follow

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