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added some water…..

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2011 at 11:55 pm

Just to keep the pond ticking over I used some RO water to top up the pond. The conductivity of this stuff was 0.04mS or around 40uS so it is cleaner than rainwater. The waste water was used on the garden to try and reduce the environmental effect of producing this mega clean fresh water.

The pond is alive with mayflies, beetles etc and I wanted to tie over the pond this next few days so when the rain finally arrives there is some life to repopulate the pond when it gets bigger.

The other development in the garden is that the oxford bee company nesting tubes have been very successful this year. I reared 40 bees last year. I have over 40 tubes completed which means I may manage up to 400 bees. If you assume that a third of these are female then you may have around 150 bees which can do the work of 18,000+ honey bees when it comes to pollination. It goes to show how important our wild native bees are for producing food.

Unlike the domesticated honey bee the mason bees do not have a sting so are perfect for gardens. Honey Bees can be deadly, hard to look after and probably on the way out. Time has come to encourage our wild bees. Yes they need flowers and plenty of nectar/pollen but they also need shelter and breeding sites.

They do not need much looking after and are fascinating to watch.

Its time to stand up for the wild bees!

The photos are on their side due to the phone uploading them that way….

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