Jon Cranfield

conductivity readings

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2011 at 7:24 am

Before I left for the folks this weekend. I checked the garden pond’s conductivity. It was 0.1mS.
Yesterday I tested my in laws ponds. They have four ponds in their garden. A large fish pond two small ponds and a pre formed pool in a bog garden.

Pond 1. 0.38mS
Pond 2. 0.36mS
Pond 3. 0.36mS
Pond 4. 0.42mS

Any guesses to which over the readings above relate to each pond?

The readings from the tapwater is over 0.8mS

The main pond has extensive duckweed and is linked via a waterfall to the next two ponds each have extensive coverings.

The bog garden pond is separated from the other three ponds but is located near the veg patch.

My parents have four ponds in their garden and I will be testing the water as a further comparison later today


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