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Adder spotting, a London meeting, training & the Cornish ARG

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2011 at 9:37 am

Well the weather has been quite poor for finding adders. My local site is a new site which I found through word of mouth from local dog walkers and local natural history society members.

Male adders in combat

Adders in combat after translocation Norfolk, 2010

I visited last year in March and found three male adders. It is good to cold call and find what you are looking for.

Next week I will be travelling to London to meet Freya Smith from ZSL or IOZ. Freya is organising the UK chytrid survey 2011. This is a repeat survey of the amphibians, for the Chytrid Fungus (aka Bd) in the UK.

The ARG UK network is instrumental in this project with 6,000 amphibians screened for Bd in 2008.

Later this Month I will be taking a two day training course at Juniper Hall in Surrey. The course is on Reptile Mitigation and it is for the field studies council in conjunction with the amphibian & reptile conservation trust.
In March I have a meeting with the Cornwall amphibian & reptile group at the cornwall wildlife trust HQ. The group wants to finalise their events for this year and hopefully the SW regional meeting for 2012 will be confirmed. I will also be talking about the Make the Adder Count Survey 2011.

After the meeting we will hopefully be meeting the people at the Eden Project to discuss future events and a survey on their grounds.


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