Jon Cranfield

Water beetle Larva

In Garden pond, Observations, the garden pond blog, Wildlife on February 11, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Photo taken - 11th Feb 2011

The invertebrates in the garden pond are doing very well. The pond had low water levels up until two days ago when the rain filled the pond back up again. The new water levels bring the animals closer to the edge where these photos can be taken.

Using an inverted lens – holding it back to front these macro shots were obtained using a sunpak 4000AF flash and a head torch I managed to get this photo after dark

As I get to grips with the method I hope to get some more macro shots of mayfly larvae and the adult water beetles which are also in the pond – this may require capture and setting up the animals in a suitable container with dead leaves and pebbles for natural effect


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