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Amphibian & Reptile Groups of the UK (ARG UK)

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I may be a little bias, well I am heavily involved with the ARG network, ever since I first got into the herpetofauna conservation volunteering bug – that fateful phone call to Jim Foster at Froglife in the mid 1990s previously being introduced to slow-worms by my dad on a bird watching trip – this led me to keep looking under things rather than looking up in the trees for birds.

Herpetofauna Workers' Meeting 2011

The national meeting for Herpetofauna Workers in the UK

I became a founder member of the Essex Amphibian & Reptile Group in 1998. The Essex ARG was relaunched in 2002 and is going strong under the guidance of my Dad – Ray Cranfield.

I moved to Hampshire when I went to University and became part of the Hampshire Group at the same time. The local county ARGs are listed on the ARG UK website– If people would like to get involved with a local group or would like to start up a group then do contact the ARG UK.

Websites have been provided to new ARG’s and groups which needed help with a website


Some examples

Essex –

Dorset –

Angus –

Avon –

The ARG UK network is totally through volunteers working together and contributing to very important conservation projects across the country. There are some excellent ARG groups who were the first groups to be established in the 1980’s – Surrey, Kent, Herefordshire are some of the leading lights in the network and definitely remain an inspiration to the 50 or so groups and contacts across the UK.

Do one thing for amphibians and reptiles in the UK – support the local ARG’s and join in with their activities

NB: Jim Foster left Froglife in 1999 and is the amphibian/reptile specialist for Natural England.


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