Jon Cranfield

Weather has closed in with plenty of rain!

In Garden pond, great crested newts, Observations, the garden pond blog, Wildlife on February 10, 2011 at 10:44 am

My garden pond is getting a good fill of new rainwater. I have ordered a conductivity meter – from the advice given by Jeremy Biggs at the Herpetofauna Workers’ Meeting this year. Hopefully I will get this delivered today. I can then check up on the water in my garden pond – using the right units over the TDS readings – though the meter will also take TDS readings as well.

I have been going back through my data for a survey where I found the largest number of adult newts in a single survey visit. It was 11 years ago at a flood reservoir. The number I counted was 215 adult newts. Probably one of the largest counts of great crested newts in Essex.

During this survey I collected water measurements – including conductivity and I noticed some interesting readings going back through my notes. The conductivity readings ranged from over 500 and during the survey the conductivity went down to below 200 – I suspect when fresh rainwater flooded into the reservoir.

Anglian water flood reservoir

flooded reservoir revealed plenty of newts!


Flooded LNR

Me standing on bridle path in 2003


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