Jon Cranfield

The pond in January 2011

In Garden pond, Observations, the big pond thaw survey 2011, the garden pond blog, Wildlife on January 6, 2011 at 10:35 am

We are into the new year now. The garden pond has lost a reasonable amount of its water after the thaw. The Big Pond Thaw Survey 2011 has been filled in for the pond. A few dead invertebrates have been spotted including an adult water beetle, a few water beetle larvae and the mayflies – the pond olives. Over on the Garden Pond Blog Jeremy Biggs has been reporting on the end of year news story from the Environment Agency – Looking at the real situation around the state of the UK’s rivers – Telegraph Article –

Jeremy Biggs Letters in the TimesIndependent

This has led to people tweeting Garden Pond Blog 1 Environment Agency 0 – Habitat Aid for example –

Nick Mann
Habitat_Aid Nick Mann 

Garden Pond Blog 1 Environment Agency 0:
Pond Conservation is another organisation which I hope to support through being a supporter – through my Company Herpetologic ltd after reviewing who we currently support we have managed to make a saving by stopping support for one organisation that we feel we are not getting any value for the money we give them – we can now put money towards excellent charities such as Pond Conservation & ARC Trust instead.

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