Jon Cranfield

Survived Christmas now the good news stories come in

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2010 at 11:15 am

Well recovered almost from flu this Xmas. I have noticed a few news stories which should cheer us all up

Britain’s Rivers

The EA press release –

edit – 1st Jan 2011

Of course Pond Conservation has been doing an excellent job de tangling the media hype and highlighting the real plight of our rivers etc

You can see Jeremy Biggs latest post on this issue


Britain’s SSSI’s


I am very keen to look at the news around the New Forest. I have been monitoring smooth snakes at Picket Post – and I would like to go back in 2011 to see how the smooth snakes have faired from the fire in 2006

Picket Post – 2003

Picket Post - the smooth snake capital of the New Forest

One of the best sites for smooth snakes in the New Forest

Picket Post – 2006

The Forestry Commission regularly burn 'smooth snake habitat' to manage the New Forest

Hopefully smooth snakes are still surviving at the site


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