Jon Cranfield

Night time survey of the pond 14th December 2010

In Uncategorized on December 14, 2010 at 5:55 pm

Just had a check of the casualties of the ‘big freeze’ the pond has a raft of ice floating on the top of the water’s surface with plenty of open water. I only spotted a few dead invertebrates including a water beetle larvae which was previously seen frozen within the ice itself.

There are plenty of mayfly larvae alive and well alongside beetle larvae. One of the adult beetles was spotted amongst the fallen leaves within the pond. As you scan the leaves you soon notice that the invertebrates are using the leaves as suitable resting places – perhaps eating the microscopic life which are breaking down the leaves.

It looks likely that the snow will possibly return – I will be ready to uncover parts of the pond from the snow and I will also leave the ice intact – remember no balls and no hot pans of water to melt useless holes.

It might ‘make you feel better if you try to help’ as the evidence shows that the procedure does not make any difference so why bother. Besides it is much more interesting to see the pond in an as natural state as possible for a garden pond.

The leaf build up will be managed not by me but by the onset of drying out next summer – the theory is the leaves will dry up and blow away – a self managing pond excellent!


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