Jon Cranfield

the snow is retreating…

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2010 at 9:28 am

The weather forecast is for cold weather to return and last into the new year.
I suspect that amphibians and other pond wildlife will have taken a knock this winter.

Spawning of frogs in the far west and the isles of scilly should normally start in a few weeks time. Spawning before Xmas eve is quite normal.

Will it be so with this early cold snap & snow?

The garden pond is again revealed and you can see where the snow was removed from the ice in the top left side of the pond. The ice which had snow is much rougher and probably thicker.

The pond is small but it did not freeze solid. It may have done if we were in Scotland where there is 1 metre of snow and down to below -20C.

The advice from Pond Conservation seems to be correct in this part of the UK. The ice was not melted or had a ball floating in it. It was left alone. The pond is meant to be mimicking a natural pond after all.

Its not time to fill in the big pond thaw survey as we will have to wait until the ice is gone so that we can see how many beasties survived.

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