Jon Cranfield

A new camera!

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 at 10:34 pm

I have purchased a new camera – a digital SLR which I have been promising myself for a long while. My old lenses and flash gun work on it as well so I am all tooled up to get some great shots in future of the pond as it progresses through the seasons. Talking of seasons it has become very much winter – with temps below -4C

No snow as yet but there is some advice from the garden pond blog about what to do with snow and to not bother with melting a hole in the ice in certain circumstances.

My pond is very shallow at around 20cm at its deepest. I also know I do not have any frogs in the pond – what I do have are midge larvae, water beetles and their larvae and mayfly larvae. Gently tapping the ice you can see the different animals under the ice swimming around.

I have a few plants in the pond such as mosses which may provide much needed oxygen if I keep the ice clear. I may have to mark off the pond with some rope and stakes as it is a place where my boys will no doubt like to play in when the snow comes………


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