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Now I am doing it – looking for myths in pond advice

In Garden pond, Wildlife on November 19, 2010 at 11:24 am

Well with the help of Pond Conservation and the Garden Pond Blog – I have been looking at advice from other organisations – I could not help noticing that they are giving good advice along with advice which may be harmful –

Advice – About leaves

‘Don’t site your pond close to trees that will drop their leaves in the pond – these are a source of additional nutrients that you could do without. Trees can also shade ponds to the extent that oxygenating plants struggle to survive.’

Whoops I have sited my pond right next to a few bushes and small trees – these provide dabbled shade and there is currently plenty of leaves in my pond. I also have plants growing in my pond quite nicely. Here is a post on the garden pond blog about leaving leaves

Advice -about blanket weed

‘Remove existing blanket weed and duckweed from the surface of the pond. This takes nutrients out of the system.’

I do no thave any algae growing in my little garden pond – here is the stuff about blanket weed from the Garden pond Blog

It is very interesting to see whether my pond is going to develop naturally as I hope and I will try my best to monitor and arrival of natural plants.

More random misinformation highlighted by the garden pond blog


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