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Just looking out of the bedroom window. Down in the front garden lies the garden pond. Which is just over three months old. In those three months the pond has been colonised by an array of animals. Water beetles, mayflies, midges and I can quite imagine a load of microscopic life – bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

The water levels over three months have a high variation from a low of 12cm or possibly less. To a maximum of 20cm.

The pond has one deep area with a shallow shelf around the front. The shallows have a maximum depth of 5cm which reduces to just a few mm when the pond draws down.

The pond is currently full and this is known as its winter level. The summer level will be much drier and I suspect the pond will completely dry out. The drying out will be vital to provide management. Natural temporary ponds last for thousands of years compared to deeper ponds which silt up.

The garden pond has plenty of leaf fall and these will produce silt and organic materials by the natural breakdown by bacteria and other invertebrates.

The drying out process will help remove the silt. As when it is exposed to the air the silt or organic matter will oxidise and will be blown away.

That’s the predicted outcome anyway.

Learn more at the garden pond blog from ponds conservation

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