Jon Cranfield

Pond is full of water and leaves!

In Observations on November 10, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Reading the garden pond blog is a must when looking at garden ponds in a different light. The recent rain has filled the garden pond here are 38 Nursery Road right to its maximum. The water depth is around 18cm – 19cm at the deepest part of the pond while the shallowest at the moment is around just 1cm or less.  Another piece of advice as well as ‘clean shallow water’ is to leave well alone with it comes to fallen leaves.

This I have followed to the letter – I have not removed a single fallen leaf from the pond!

An update on the inhabitants – I still have 4 water beetles, along with hundreds of mayflies, quite a bit less larvae as I have prowling water beetle larvae (x5 or 6) which are probably taking quite a few of the wrigglies.

On the plant front I have mosses growing now within the water along with some grasses and some rush which have shooted well in the sand. I have added some more moss and a piece of common reed from one of my mitigation sites. I have just placed the root with a few shoots within the sand.

No amphibians have moved in as yet – it is early days and cold.

The TDS reading of the pond is around 40 to 50ppm so the water is very clean! which is quite surprising considering we are quite close to a steam railway line lol


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