Jon Cranfield

much more rain!

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2010 at 9:31 am

The pond is now thoroughly drenched with rainwater. I have placed gravel around the edge of the pond to try and reduce the look of exposed liner (a moan from the wife). The water level has flooded over the gravel which will provide a different habitat for any new pond inhabitants.

The mayfies are getting larger and are more noticable. Some other larval animals have been spotted and could be water beetle larva (fingers crossed).

I spotted that froglife has had an event apparently tucking in the toads for their hibernation. With the mild and wet weather the toads would be far from going into hibernation.

The local town has a toad population which is part of toads on roads. The population has declined over the last ten years. So much so it seems that the road crossing will be denotified.

My pond has been designed as a clean water pond for wildlife. It is also designed for common frogs as they need small shallow ponds which have been lost in the countryside.

My last pond in my former address had over 80 frogs breeding within based on the peak spawn clump counts over three years.

The new pond has good shallows which will be nice and warm and allow the tadpoles to grow and group as a defence against predators….

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