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Old garden pond surveys

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After a comment on the garden pond blog regarding the status of common frogs in the countryside. I thought I should try to illustrate some of the results that were reported in the comments – I was a little rushed and it probably did not make much sense. The first set of graphs are survey results from urban gardens in Rochford and Southend. I do have survey results somewhere of a similar survey in a much more rural area of Essex – I will dig that out to compare.

Results of a district garden pond survey 2000

Common frogs were the most frequently recorded amphibian in garden ponds in 2000

A three year garden pond survey in Southend 2001 to 2003

Again the common frog was the most frequently recorded amphibian in a very urbanised area of Essex

As a comparison here are some survey results from ‘countryside’ ponds in Essex. These results are from ‘professional’ surveys from various locations around Essex. You have to be cautious over their limitations for common frog detection – as they are focussed on the newt species. I have more results which are similar where common frogs feature much less frequently than the newt species. At Stansted the frogs seem to be doing worst than the newts while the common toad seems to be even worst than all the species.

In another survey at Wat Tyler Country Park – common frogs were only found due to an introduction of spawn – effectively one out of 16 ponds surveyed. A review of amphibians in Epping Forest reveals a reported decline in common frog numbers

From British Wildlife Journal

The status of the common frog in Epping Forest

Status of the common frog in the SSSI of Epping Forest

Common frogs in Epping forest seem to fair badly -

Calumma Ecological Services - Survey 2004

Common frogs were recorded from 1 out of 16 ponds surveyed - as a result of a small introduction

Survey results on countryside ponds

Frogs were recorded at low population status in many countryside ponds around Stansted Airport


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