Jon Cranfield

Mayfly larvae spotted 10th September

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2010 at 9:47 am

I have been taking notes on the animals within the pond. Recently two water beetles have taken up residence. I have been watching these two beetles swimming around the deeper areas of the pond. I have also several wrigglies – larvae such as bloodworm and gnat larvae.

Today I have noticed mayfly larvae – or at least little things which look like mayfly larvae – several of them on submerged leaves and along the sandy substrate –

Mayfly larvae

A pond olive perhaps?

From the big pond dip scoring system – this increases my pond’s score to 11! – the pond is good!

I am not pond dipping as suggested this is just through close observations within the water column during the day and using a torch at night. The pond is so small using a net or sieve would be too disruptive to the pond.

However as the plants grow within the pond I will need to sample this habitat so eventually a small sieve will be used to sample the animals living within the pond.

It is really amazing how quickly the pond has been colonised within a town environment.

The only addition recently has been a frond of a pondweed from a site I was working on recently.


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