Jon Cranfield

An invertebrate other than midge larvae!

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2010 at 7:24 pm
our pond's first water beetle!

my surprise find tonight a lovely water beetle!

I went out to the pond tonight with a torch – standard survey technique for an amphibian surveyor – and to my amazement I spotted the first water beetle! Such a small animal did really give a sense of satisfaction and excitement.

I have finally attracted some wildlife to my front garden and it seems that the pond is working – that is a great feeling. The big pond dip score I have previously made for this pond was just 1 – with the addition of a water beetle this has put the score for the pond up to 6. The old score was between the 1 to 5 – ‘your pond could do better’ – I am a proud owner of a pond which is considered to be in the your pond is good category. Pond Conservation: What your score means

So in a few weeks the pond has gone from being a ‘could do better’ to a ‘good pond’. The score is only just the right score. It is really worth the wait and I can’t wait to see more inverts in my pond!

I have no idea of the species though I suspect that it is the Black Diving Beetle Agabus bipustulatus –

My little pond is working. Despite my little boy chucking in stones and me covering the water with grass cuttings – I suspect that these are providing a suitable habitat.


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