Jon Cranfield

The pond levels are down…

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2010 at 4:48 pm

I am going to record how the pond does over this predicted heavy rain which should be with us at around 18.30 until 22.00. The water levels have drawn down quite a bit over the last few days. I can only imagine that the small nature of the pond means the evaporation is much more. As I type the rain is starting and this is how the pond looks now…..TDS reading 77ppm – or 120 MicroS/cm

Water levels on the 6th September before the rain

The pond has drawn down quite a bit

I think that some new habitats are required for this pond. i am thinking of getting some pebbles for the exposed pond liner at the back of the pond. I think that a few different sizes of pebble and gravel will provide a different habitat and substrate for any invertebrates to colonise the pond. I am slightly worried that my pond will not be colonised very fast so I am going to look for a source of plants where I can collect some for this pond. I am waiting for any inverts to find the pond. I am hoping that frogs will turn up next spring. I have plenty of breeding ponds in the area so it will just be a matter of time (fingers crossed).

It is still an odd feeling that as the pond dries out you just want to fill it up again. I have done recently. i have also added some plant material – plus grass clippings which I have fished out from the pond – but this will provide habitats (I hope) as it dies and float to the bottom of the pond.


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