Jon Cranfield

night time survey 23rd August 2010

In Uncategorized on August 23, 2010 at 10:33 pm

The newly flushed pond has plenty of swimming space for the hundreds of ‘wrigglies’ which form the first arrivals into the pond. Probably from the water butt and from a few midges visiting the pond.

The pond has some plant life fragments of moss lying on the bottom though have been blown around in the current caused by the blusterly winds today.

I have measured a series of depths today the deepest part of the pond is around 18cm other depths include 2.5cm and the shallowest is less than 1cm.

The extra rain has levelled off the shoreline of sand. This makes a really nice shallow area around 2/3 of the pond.

As a well known charity is trying to raise funds for amphibians I may have a go myself. How about a sweepstake on which creature takes up residence next?
Water beetle, water boatman, dragonfly, damselfly, or frog?

Or could we run a sweepstake on which date the first frogspawn is laid in this pond? I am leaning on the amphibian side. Well why wouldn’t I.


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