Jon Cranfield

Waiting & waiting plus

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2010 at 4:40 pm

A new little island has arisen from the pond – a small area of sand is now exposed to the elements. The water depth at its maximum is around 16cm with the majority of the water being just 2cm or less so we have lots of shallow water areas ready to provide small habitat for the variety of aquatic life which live within these areas of ponds.

Other comments I have had about the pond include ‘you better fence that off’ and ‘that’s a small puddle’. I am confident that eventually the pond will develop vaguely into something resembling a wildlife pond. Not sure whether there are too many about in normal gardens. This is why I thought that a pond survey should be launched in our town to see what ponds are around and how they are managed.

I will be nicking the pond conservation big pond dip survey forms and getting pond owners to dip their ponds. We can see where ponds are, what lives in them and how they are managed – we will also send the info off to Pond Conservation – Lets see how many garden ponds are in Alresford!


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