Jon Cranfield

Life is ever increasing!

In Uncategorized on August 18, 2010 at 10:25 pm

I have realised that the ‘wrigglies’ have been introduced to the pond with the collected rainwater. I suspect that is the case. There are plenty of biting midge larvae now within the water column of the new garden pond. I have created a very small pond which has plenty of shallows with a deeper area to the back of the pond. The maximum depth is around 2o to 22cm while the majority of the edge is around 2cm to 3cm with very small depths around the sandy substrate.

I have introduced some of the first things into the pond a small bunch of dead leaves to help provide a habitat within the water. I have noticed worm or larvae casts on the liner – they look like some sort of invertebrate – a few pictures will be posted for people to see.

The first fragments of plants have also been found within the pond – mosses – small pieces of moss have made their way into the pond possibly from when the turf was lifted and repositioned.

I am now going to leave the pond completely with no more top ups with rainwater to see how far the pond will drain down to. Today’s rain has made little difference to the water levels.



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