Jon Cranfield

night time survey 16th August 2010

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2010 at 10:11 pm

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 2058px"developing a good head of midge larvae

developing a good head of midge larvae

The first signs of life…..

After a week since it was created I went out at night with a torch (standard fare for amphibian surveys) to investigate the pond and any new inhabitants. Well I have plenty of ‘wrigglies’ aka midge larvae.

I have no idea what species but there hundreds of them. Which is great and it has sparked an interest in aquatic inverts and it is very hard to just leave the pond to its own devices.

From my past experiences with other ponds where all the wrong things were applied. Tap water, seeding or planting up the pond, adding topsoil, all the things which go against the advice from pond conservation.

It feels exciting to just sit and wait to see what turns up in my little pond

People have stopped to enquire and the usual comments are heard how deep is it? What are you going to put in it? Oh you better fence it off becos of the little ones etc

It is one of the reasons why the pond went into the front lawn so that people can see the pond and ask questions about it


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